Civil, Brave, Free


The Wolf symbolizes upholding balance and order within society. It’s a very social animal and often times enjoys the comfort found among its pack vs being alone. If you thrive working in groups, need to uphold/teach/follow society’s rules, or are required to follow a particular set of guidelines (such as submitting forms, documents, or abiding to a code to perform in a sport) then this Spirit Animal is for you! Being civilized can also help you to get the support from others that you need by being socially accepted. Certain rules can also help you to get a task done smoother and quicker than if you were to follow an unconventional way. The wolf can also remind you to see why it is necessary to have some rules in today's society in order for there to be peace.


The wolf is a sign of bravery and can motivate you to do what is necessary when it comes to taking action or speaking your truth.  Does your business require you to step into your power and be brave? Sometimes when we need to uphold social regulation we need to use our voice to do so. If positive change needs to happen be brave in the process of creating it. Even though the wolf is civilized sometimes certain rules need to be updated and changed to keep up with the times. If you need to assist your clients with being brave encourage them to stand their ground and defend their boundaries if needed.


There is a time and place to be civil and there is a time and place to run majestically wild and free. Don’t let the need for social acceptance seep into every area of your life and suppress your own individuality- especially when it comes to your business. It’s all about the balance- what’s yours?



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