Communication, Rest, Creativity


Do you inspire people through your words? The Toucan represents speaking up and expressing yourself loudly and clearly. It encourages you to share your inner wisdom to help others! Maybe you need to make a suggestion to help improve someones life or well-being? Just as the Toucans multi-colored coat is unique we too have a unique voice that is much needed in this world.


The Toucan will inspire you to retreat back in solidarity to replenish yourself when needed- either by being alone to read, write, or relax. Action is balanced by rest. Do what needs to be done to recharge your energy which will then feed your mind, making you more effective long run.


The Toucan lives in a colorful environment and enjoys its surroundings. If you work to improve an environment or create that which brings more beauty into this world then the Toucan is the perfect spirit animal for your business. The Toucan reminds you to explore beyond the ordinary when it comes to expanding your creative vision and pushing new limits. You may even like to use your creative juices to come up with fun products and offerings that are exciting and new to your customer base. Let your creativity run wild!



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