Independent, Self-Expression, Determination


The Tiger represents independence. As your Spirit Animal the Tiger encourages you to rely on your own inner compass as your guide. Doing this could lead you to achieve optimal results for you and your business! Do you work best alone and like to follow your own schedule?  Then run wild and free like the Tiger!


Tigers move with a certain rhythm and sensuality. They know their body and use its power to their advantage. They have a natural charm which can influence you to adapt the same if you need to be charismatic to draw people in and easily converse with a large group of people. Do you enjoy being physically expressive? Then continue to flaunt it and let this animal remind you of just how beautiful you can be when you are confident. The Tiger also encourages physical expression and activity to keep your energy ample and high!


The Tiger shows you to be determined to go after what it is you want. If you keep your eye on the price you will get there! If your business requires tried and true methods to reach your goals the Tiger is your Spirit Animal!  Often times, if you are drawn to this animal, the route you prefer to take is by using proven methods to win. You enjoy doing something that works and repeating it until you achieve success. Maybe you inspire others to reach or attain a goal by setting them up with systems to do so. Either way persistence pays off and you my friend are looking fierce in the process! Be patient, use methods and repeat.

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