Sea Turtle

Plan, Patience, Balance


Turtles are the perfect spirit animal for businesses who hold big visions but need to take some time to plan out each step in order to achieve them. Are you writing a book, creating a clothing line, making a course, or putting together an event? Or do you help others to plan out their action steps in order for them to achieve a specific goal? Then this spirit animal is here to inspire you! By having the Sea Turtle as your animal you will be guided to plan out the A-Z steps that are needed in order to be successful at accomplishing your goal.


The Sea turtle knows where it’s headed but doesn't feel the need to rush its way there. Instead, it glides, remains focused on the present moment, and enjoys taking its precious time. When you want something for your business it can be easier to push your way to the end goal. The Sea Turtle reminds you to not fear patience but to embrace this characteristic and use it to your advantage. By not rushing into things you are able to slow down and not miss an important step, enjoy the process along the way, and tap into your natural creative flow state. 


As a creature between land and water the Sea Turtle represents that having balance in your business is important. Do you often need to balance your creative side with practicality in order to successfully achieve your goals? Will focusing too much on the logistics of your business not allow you enough time for client outreach and prospect building? Does too much work create burn out so you need the reminder that rest is also just as important? This Spirit Animal reminds you to continue to bring more balance into every aspect of your business and life!



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