Visionary, Stability, Solitude


The Owl sees and observes what others do not. Therefore, this spirit animal gives you the edge on being a visionary or capturing unique moments of creativity. This spirit animal invites you to embrace beyond what is ordinary and expand your point of view or look from all angels. This could allow for you to create something new to the market or give your clients what others do not! The Owl also is a sign to envision your project in its entirety so that you can successfully complete each step along the way to achieve it. Are you Clairvoyant? This Spirit Animal is a representation that your gift should not be fear but instead embraced and be used to benefit others and your business.

Owls perch where they feel stable in order to observe their surroundings in a safe and quite location. The Owl asks you to observe what conditions are ideal for you in order to get tasks done while not getting to easily distracted. Do you thrive off of stable routine? Then this animal is your totem! The Owl hunts best at night and knows when conditions are ideal for hunting. Do you work best in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night like the Owl? Do you need a set location with 9-5 hours? Or do you feel secure with the stability of just your own laptop to carry around? 


If you prefer peace and quite to get things done then the Owl is with you! They love to sit quietly so that they can observe their surroundings. Solitude allows you to take a break from the noise, giving you an opportunity to process information, plan out your visions, and step into your creative flow!



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