Flexible, Intelligent, Productive


The Octopus symbolizes being flexible with the ebb and flow of your business. If something doesn't go as planned don't fret! In other words- take it easy. Being flexible can help you to be successful with your endeavors. In addition, becoming adaptable to any personality or situation can help you get what you want, whether it be new clients, financing or resources.

Intelligence? Yes, please. If your business requires you to be a book worm, learn something new, teach others, or find solutions the Octopus is your guide. They are very intelligent creatures- have you seen the video where an Octopus in a jar unscrews the lid from the inside?! Using your intellect to find smarter ways to work, implementing new methods, or using your brain to get a task done quickly will benefit your business and help you to succeed in your goals.


With its many tentacles, the octopus symbolizes being productive. By utilizing your time wisely and implementing systems your are able to be more effective when completing a large array of tasks. This trait allows you to serve a large client base, product shipments, administrative tasks, or accounts having to deal with numbers! 

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