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Met through the Feminine Tribe


Chef/Owner of a Catering Company


Designer/Owner of a Clothing Boutique


Sara offered to cater Harlo's store opening in exchange for products from her boutique. 


At Harlo's store opening Sara and her friends met Harlo and her friends.


Being a part of the Feminine Tribe has instantly connected both Sara and Harlo with other entrepreneurs to help support them and their businesses.

Harlo's friend Annika loved Sara's food so much that she booked Sara's catering business for her upcoming wedding.



Now that Sara and Harlo have connected their exposure has grown into profitable growth or profit for their business.

Being a member of the Feminine Tribe has offered both Sara and Harlo exposure for both of their business. They can showcase their work on their member profile and be seen through alternative marketing avenues provided by the Feminine Tribe! They have learned tools through the members resource center to benefit their business and gain better exposure for their services/products.

At Harlo's grand opening she got several emails from Sara's friends and supporting Feminine Tribe Members. This is HUGE as she can now use email marketing to gain future customers.




Member Benefits


Area Access

Become a member and gain access to our members-only area! There, you can view the profiles of other members (seeing what services/products/trades they have to offer), visit our Collaboration Center, interact with our member forum, and more! You will also gain access to inquire about trading with other members.



Within our members-only area, you receive your own personal profile view, which you can personalize with the details that you want when you sign up! In addition, your profile will be added to our public directory and a one time feature of you will be shared on our social media outlets!

Coffee &


Receive invites to our monthly Zoom and in-person Wisconsin FT meetups! Here we choose different business topics to discuss every month, offer support, and connect as a Tribe. You will also receive an invite into our private FT member FB group!



Our Collaboration Center is located within our Members-Only area and includes how-to videos and recommended books and podcasts! You can request a how-to video to be made by us or submit your own to be uploaded and viewed!


Sign up in 3 easy steps!

Fill out basic information about you and your business. We are donation based, but donations are not required to join!


Create your own personal

login and password to gain access to our Members-Only area.


After your account has been approved, follow the remaining setup instructions found in your welcome email.



Does it cost anything to become a member?

We are a donation-based membership which means that you can offer a monthly or yearly donation but it isn't necessary to join! Donations are greatly appreciated and help us to cover any cost and time spent making this platform the best that it can be! You can pay what you can or a suggestion is $10 - $20 per month. 

All donations can be sent via Paypal to 

Please note: As we are currently donation-based this could change in the future due to a large increase of members. 

What's the benefit of trading?

Listing what you have to trade (and seeing what other members offer as well) is a part of the Feminine Tribe Membership. Trade something that you have for something you need with no financial obligation! Trade also allows you to easily network and build connections, test out your products or services, gain reviews and help you discover your pricing. Trade happens off of our platform, we serve as the connection. Once you sign up with us and become a member you will have the opportunity to create your own profile, which other members can view, and list if you have anything that you would like to trade!

Don't have anything to trade?  That's OK! You can still join and have the option to offer a trade in the future.

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