Strength, Intuition, Community


The Elephant is an inspiration to build and nourish your own strengths. Is there something that you need to learn in order to succeed? Or do you need to help others grow their own strengths? Elephants are large in size, therefore they can put a big picture in front of your view so you can expand your vision and dream big! Once you have the vision you can plan out the necessary steps it will take to get there. If you love big goals then this big animal is here to help!

Are you learning something new or diving into research? The Elephant represents leading with your intuition. Sometimes when you roam somewhere you've never been before it requires you to use your own inner guidance to take the lead, without having the exact yes or no answer. Trust your gut!

The elephant will inspire you to build a community from a place of love and peace. If it's a loyal costumer base you are needing then this is your totem! Does your business deal with charity work and giving back? You may need the Elephant as a reminder to not over give to the point where you have nothing left to give to yourself. Elephants are social animals but also encourage self-nurturing and replenishment. Focus on filling up your cup as well so that you can have ample strength to help others.

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