Self-Sufficient, Positive, Adaptable


The Camel invites you to be resourceful. If you are a solo-prenuer then utilize your own skills and abilities to get the job done! Or use the resources and connections that are in your circle to help you. Use what you already know in order to be successful in your business. Have a boatload of information to share or aim to inspire others? The answers you seek are within your reach, you just need to trust your knowing or follow your instinct when discovering them. This is especially true for bloggers, writers, or any creative that performs solo.

The Camel is a sign of positivity. Although it may balance a heavy load it remains posed and stable. You can handle your business with grace and be able to bring yourself back to a state of balance by using positivity as the force. When you feel swayed by a heavy workload or an issue at hand use your mindset to shift your perspective. Maybe this roadblock is leading you to something better? Or an accident allowed for you to discover a bigger problem? The willfulness to remain positive will see you though any calamity and lead you to a more successful outcome!


If you work remotely, or change work environments often, the camel will inspire you to become adaptable to your surroundings. By being adaptable you can flow with the momentum of change while still completing the necessary tasks that your business requires of you. Be fearless when it comes to navigating moments of discomfort as this will help you to make new business relations, sell your products or services, and make positive changes. The phrase “fake it till you make it” may come in handy when it comes to acting the change you wish to be. Being adaptable, while remaining positive, also allows you to navigate any difficulties you may encounter.  You are fearless within a life of constant change!

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