Nurture, Freedom, Power


The Bear is a nurturing companion and its natural instinct is to protect. If you care for children, animals or the elderly this Spirit Animal aligns with your mission. If it's not a person or animal you're attending to maybe it's a project or skill set that needs continuous nurturing. Nurturing the elements within your business means giving them the attention and care that they need to thrive.

Roaming freely is a Bears way of life. Play is just as important as rest! Freedom can also symbolize harboring your own creativity and need to be expressive (or helping others to do so). If you align with this animal you may prefer to work outdoors and feel at your best when you're in nature. You may also value nature conservation as you desire to preserve nature's magical ability to expand our views, replenish our energy, and make us feel at peace.

The Bear symbolizes personal power and encourages you to do the same! It's size makes it an animal that other animals respect and know its strength. It is confident in its own abilities (climbing a tree, catching fish etc.) which shows you that you to can be just as confident when you embrace your own power. Be larger than life and stand tall! If you work with others this is good representation to help those around you step into their own power. Power isn't just strength, it can be expressed through words, actions, or creativity.

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