What do Members get?

Think about how you've gotten all of your clients so far. Has it been through connection via word-of-mouth, referrals, family and friends? Or has it been through marketing to people you don't yet know? Most of our businesses starts with the help of the people we know. So grow your circle!


Become a member and gain instant access to our members only area! In here you can view the profiles of other members (seeing what services/products/trades they have to offer) and visit our FT Resource Center. Our Resource Center includes how-to videos, plus recommended books and podcasts to help your business thrive and grow!


Within our members only area you receive your own personal profile view, which you can personalize with the details that you want when you sign up! This includes details about you and your business. You will also gain access to inquire about trading with other members! Lastly, you receive a feature within our FT Directory and a one time feature on our social media outlets.


Receive invites to our local monthly Wisconsin FT meetups! Here we choose different business topics to discuss every month, offer support, and connect as a Tribe. You will also receive an invite to our private FT member FB group which is another way we all connect. In addition, all members will receive exclusive discounts to any FT retreats (retreats are not included in your membership).

How Trade can benefit you!

Trade something that you have for something you need! Trade allows you to easily network and build connections, test out your products or services, or help you discover your pricing! Trade access is only available within our FT Membership.

Don't have anything to trade? You can still join and have the option to trade in the future! See our FAQ for more answers to your questions.


What does your personal profile include?


Make a Donation

or pay what you can


per month

Our Feminine Tribe Platform is a monthly subscription that is automatically withdrawal from your account every month. 



Save by purchasing an annual subscription! Pay just under $15 a month with this plan.

Are you ready to instantly make new connections, gain exposure for your business, and begin trading what you have for something that you may need all for a low cost that is likely less than your monthly coffee habit? Don't get us wrong, we LOVE coffee. We just know being an entrepreneur can require resources to keep you and your business feeling and looking good and we want to make sure that you have the connections you need!



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