Self-Love, Growth, Mindfulness


If your business inspires people to grow, love themselves unconditionally, and make mindful choices then the Angelfish is your guide!


The Angelfish's colors represent the beauty that we can radiate outward for all to see when we shine brightly and accept ourselves fully, embracing our own uniqueness. If self-love is a value of yours then you understand that there is no room for negative or low self-talk. By having a self-acceptance mindset it flows into all areas of your life from impacting the work that you do to how your are  perceived in the world to how you treat your body. Your business may even help people absorb this concept as well if you lead them to living a healthier lifestyle that embraces self-love!


The Angelfish glides through water easily as it navigates the oceans natural currents. Sometimes life's changes require you to be flexible and grow along the way. The Angelfish represents growing your knowledge as well, or to help those around you to grow their own, so you can explore new waters. Use your intuition to guide you, expand your worldly views, and stay open-minded when it comes to new growth! 

Mindfulness is the practice of being present. Every movement the Angelfish makes in the water is a mindful choice to get it where it needs to be. Therefore, your business may require you to do the same. By making mindful decisions you can navigate the waters of your own business with ease as you become present enough to hear your own intuition. The Angelfish asks you to become aware of what your actions or words may create and to come from a place of empathy. This thought process will prevent you from entering auto-pilot mode and acting from a place that isn't true to you or your desires. 

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